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Large, 72" x 42" baler

The B7242 baler is a heavy-duty 72" x 42" baler that will produce bales weighing 1,400+ lbs.


Modern design and high press force

The B7242 is a perfect example of Bramidan's innovative design combined with a press force of over 110,000 lbs resulting in a machine capable of handling significant loads of cardboard or shrink wrap.


B7242 SD - a 72" baler for cardboard and stretch wrap:

  • 72" x 42" bale
  • 1,400+ lbs bale weights
  • Large load door for large boxes
  • 110,000 lbs of press force
  • Front tie off for minimal space consumption
  • Compliant with ANSI and UL standards
  • Powder Coating provides a durable finish in many colors

Vertical Baler Model B7242 SD

SKU: 100137

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