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The Benefits to Having a Waste Broker

What is a Waste Broker?

Waste brokers are independent consultants who are experts in the waste industry, and work to find clients the best pricing on trash and recycling services. It doesn’t take business owners long to discover that pricing and execution of trash and recycling services fluctuates, leaving many to deal with issues. Rather than spending your valuable time trying to negotiate with or holding haulers accountable to contracts, you can place your trust in trash brokers. These independent consultants utilize their knowledge and connects to safeguard your business and ensure you not only get fair pricing, but consistent billing and services.

What are the Benefits of Using a Waste Broker?

Waste brokers are engrained in the waste industry, making it their business to know how the market works. Not only do they understand waste hauler bills and pricing, but they know when something isn’t adding up. In many cases, bills can be incorrect, or the services a business needs are not the ones the waste and recycling hauler recommends, leading to unexpected or additional costs. Using their knowledge of the industry, trash brokers can ensure that their clients receive fair pricing and the correct services for their business’ needs.

Additionally, waste brokers take time to share their knowledge with their clients. When questions or issues arise, waste brokers can answer them. Most trash haulers cannot take the time to do this, leaving businesses with questions and unresolved issues. From costs and service level options to agreements and contracts, a waste broker can explain it in detail.

Waste brokers can also take hauling services to the next level. When a business contracts with a local hauler, there are many instances where the services they contract are not the services they actually need. A waste broker can customize reports for each property, detailing the property’s current monthly service levels and pricing compared to the property’s actual needs. With this information, the waste broker can negotiate new monthly rates with overall savings for each property. Once a new contract is set, the waste broker will perform routine monitoring to ensure the property is receiving the correct services and the correct price.

When you hire a waste broker to help you find the best pricing on your trash and recycling services, you not only gain access to their industry knowledge, but also their connections. By being part of the industry, trash brokers build relationships with waste collection providers that the average business owner doesn’t have. This helps them gain access to better pricing and services. When an issue arises, such as a mistake on a bill, waste brokers know who to call to get the issue resolved favorably for their client.

How Can Stellar Waste’s Brokers Help My Business?

The waste management experts at Stellar Waste offer the above benefits and more. When you sign on with us, we not only evaluate your current needs and compare them with your current agreements, but we assess any savings and negotiate fair contracts. When you partner with us, you gain access to our extensive network, getting you the lowest rates in your area. We negotiate a contract tailored to protect you, not your hauler, that will lock in your savings for the entirety of your agreement.

Moving forward, we monitor your billing and services to ensure you get what you pay for. We also make it easy to review and pay your waste and recycling charges. Even if you have multiple business properties across the country with a variety of trash service providers, we will provide you with one bill to keep the process simple and convenient. We are also available to answer questions and handle any issues that arise.

Contact the commercial waste brokers at Stellar Waste for more information today.

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