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The Benefits of Trash Compactors and Recycling Balers

In this week’s blog, we discuss the benefits of trash compactors and recycling balers, including how using them can save your business money, improve sanitation, and

increase safety and security. We also have exciting news at the end, which can help you gain these many benefits!

Save Money

Businesses produce waste, which not only takes up space, but can require frequent hauling service. The more hauling services a business requires, the higher the costs. But if a business can reduce the amount of waste, it can save money. This doesn’t mean cutting your business services or adjusting your business practices but taking advantage of trash compactors or recycling balers.

Businesses that utilize compactors or balers can typically cut the amount of trash space by a 3 to 1 ratio. This means that weekly pickups could drop to monthly pickups, saving hundreds of dollars.

Improve Sanitation

Compactors are sealed, which helps reduce odor and access to waste. This is ideal for businesses prone to insect or rodent infestation, such as food vendors or apartment complexes. Because compactors are sealed, heat and liquid is minimized, which limits smell. Typical open-top containers are easier for persons or pests to access, which poses sanitation risks. Compactors also prevent trash and smell from escaping the container due to wind, which makes the surrounding area – often a parking lot accessed by customers – a more pleasant place to be. It also saves your employees time performing clean up duty.

Increase Safety & Security

If your business requires less garbage or recycling pickups, that means a decrease in frequency of large collection trucks on your premises. Not only do these trucks take up a lot of space, but they are loud and can pose a potential risk to employees and customers. Decreasing the number of times these trucks come to your business is good all around.

Additionally, compactors or balers securely contain waste better than typical bins, which keeps out animal pests. Personal or business information is also properly secured, which ensures people cannot access it once it is thrown away. Potentially dangerous materials, such as combustibles, are also contained, and employees do not have to spend time breaking down boxes or deal with dangerous chutes or heavy container lids.

How Stellar Waste Can Help

The experts at Stellar Waste are excited to announce that we are officially an approved reseller for Bramidan USA Inc. In addition to other brand compactors, we now sell a range of Bramidan USA balers for recycling waste. We offer a wide variety of vertical balers that can be utilized anywhere, from the back-of-the-house of a restaurant to a large warehouse space.

Learn more about these and other equipment options at Stellar Waste.

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